Best Fast Charger for iPhone and Android 2021

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Best Fast Charger for iPhone and Android 2021

In today’s fast-paced world, waiting for your phone to charge is a nerve-wracking experience. Whether you are on the road for vacation or running late to work, having a dying battery is never a pleasant sight. Fast-paced chargers are a lifesaver and are quickly becoming a necessity.

There are multiple options to consider when buying a charger. From voltage requirements to phone compatibility, the number of pins, to the price, choosing the right charger can be daunting. Mobiles prices take into consideration all these variables and help guide customers into making educated choices.

Here we list the best fast USB-C and USB-A chargers for both iPhones and Androids for 2021 along with their price list.

BEST FAST CHARGERS FOR iPhone and Android - 2021





Price PKR



PowerPort III Mini




PowerPort Atom PD4





Omnia 65W Fast Charger

iPhone and other Apple products



Swift 18W Fast Charger with Foldable Plug

iPhone and other Apple products



10,000 Power Bank






iPhone and Samsung devices




25W PD Fast Power Adapter





Basics 40W 4-Port Multi USB Wall Charger





QC 3.0 18W with 3A cable




RAV Power

RAVPower 45W PD Charger 




Power Bear

PowerBear Quick Charge 3.0





Scosche PowerVolt™





LCD Digital Display Dual Port 5V/3.1 A



1.   ANKER

Anker is the USA’s no.1 producer of fast chargers. A tad expensive for the Pakistani market, their products are reliable and long-lasting. We have shortlisted the following two chargers for fast charging of Android phones.


PowerPort III Mini       

Power Port III is Anker’s most popular charger. Compact size, affordable price, and fast charging make it ideal for home, work, and travel. It is a USB-C charger and can charge up to 30W PD charging. The PowerIQ 3.0 port is supported by Qualcomm Quick Charge. It is compatible with tablets, phones, laptops, and both old and new phones making it a universal choice for consumers.


PowerPort Atom PD4   

This is a powerful 100W charger with 4 ports that can even be used to charge a laptop. It incorporates two USB-C PD ports and two USB-A ports. No need to carry bulky laptop chargers as this compact charger can do the trick. Having multiple ports enables you to charge multiple devices simultaneously as the 100W power is divided amongst them.

2.   AUKEY 

Omnia 65W Fast Charger


The Omnia 65W is a dual-port charger that offers both USB-C PD port and a USB-A port. It can output a total of 65W which is divided when using both ports. The PD port can even be used to charge compatible laptops such as a MacBook Pro.


Swift 18W Fast Charger with Foldable Plug


This mini charger packs a punch. Capable of 18W speeds it can quickly charge your smartphone with its USB C port. It is an efficient and compact device with foldable prongs. Its safety feature protects the device and your phone from overcharging, overheating, and current surcharges.


10,000 mAh Power Bank


For those always on the go Power Banks are essential devices. The AUKEY 10,000 mAh power bank has multiple ports including 3 USB-A ports, one micro USB, and one USB-C port that can be used for both output and input.

3.   Spigen

SteadiBoost 45W Car Charger


Spigen is known for its variety of smartphone accessories. The Steadiboost is a valuable addition to the line-up. It is a 45W Car charger with both USB-C and a USB-A port. The USB-C provides 27W PD charging while the USB-A port incorporates Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0. Thus this charger will back you up on the road and be a great travel companion.

4.   Samsung

25W PD Fast Power Adapter


The Samsung 25W Fast Power Adaptor incorporates a USB-C PD charging port. It uses PPS technology making it a safe and reliable option for your devices. This is the charger that is provided in-box with the Samsung devices and is a good backup to have for your android phones and tablets.

5.   Amazon

Amazon Basics 40W 4-Port Wall Charger


The Amazon basics is a 40W charger that incorporates 4 ports. It is a great travel companion as it enables you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. The ports are all USB-A. Plugging in multiple devices might affect the charging speed. Its compact design and functionality makes it a reliable backup device.

6.   Qualcomm

Qualcomm is an American multinational company with multiple products in mobile technology. 

QC 3.0 Fast Charger 3A 18W

The Qualcomm QC 3.0 is an affordable 18W charger for both iPhone and Android. It has a single port that supports 5V, 3.1A max. It is certified to protect your device from an electric surcharge. Its input specifications include AC 100-240V.

7.   RAV Power

RAVPower 45W PD Charger 

RAVPower is a Universally compatible 45W wall charger. Its USB-C, 3.0 port can charge up mobile phones at high speeds. Its smart sensor enables it to recognize the device connected and deliver the optimum amount of power. Its safety feature protects devices from short circuits while the compact design allows you to carry it along in your travels.

8.   Power Bear

PowerBear Quick Charge 3.0

Power Bear 3.0 is an 18W USB-C, Universally compatible charger. It incorporates Qualcomm Quick Charge and can fire up your Android in no time. The compact size, safety features, and affordable price make it a popular choice in the market.

9.   Scosche 

Scosche PowerVolt

 The Scosche Powervolt is a dual-port USB-C charger that provides 18W of power through each port for a total of 36W. Its built-in safety feature is certified to protect your device from power surges and spikes. The durable material protects it from bumps and falls. The foldable prongs make it even more compact to easily fit into your pocket during travel. It is universally compatible, capable of charging all sorts of devices.

10. A.T ALFA

A.T ALFA is Pakistan’s leading mobile accessories brand with an increasingly global presence. Their products embody innovation and quality.


A.T ALFA Dual Port Charger

This is a dual-port 15W charger with an LCD display. It is compatible with a 100-240V power supply and provides 5.0V stable voltage and a maximum output of  3.1A current. It is durable and compact, perfect for those always on the go. It contains 2 ports and is compatible with all android devices.

To Sum it Up

Having a universal globally compatible charger is a necessity. Websites such as Mobile Prices provide information on globally compatible electronics products. The chargers listed above provide value for money by being compatible, compact, and durable. Their fast charging feature makes them an essential item for every individual.  

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